USBlini EB - USB to LIN board

USBlini - USB to LIN Interface

USBlini connects a LIN bus via USB to a host system. It provides easy access to LIN bus devices and can act as both master and slave. It features a logic analyzer function to sample the logic levels on the LIN RX line.
USB-LIN-Adapter board

USBlini EB board
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A Python library is available for easy and rapid development on different operating systems.

Python library "pyUSBlini" (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

pyUSBlini is a Python library for the USBlini adapter which allows easy, platform-independent access to LIN devices.

Step-by-step tutorials:


The easiest way to install the library is using pip:
pip install git+


The library uses libusb. On Linux and MacOS X no kernel driver is needed. Please use following tool for Windows to install the "WinUSB" driver:
Windows driver installation for USBlini
Depending on the application, under Windows a libusb-1.0.dll is required. These can be found for various architectures on the libusb project homepage under "Download -> Windows Binaries". Please place the DLL in the application folder (e.g. in the "Scripts" folder for Anaconda Python).


Request data for ID 0x10 via master write:
from usblini import USBlini
usblini = USBlini()
data = usblini.master_write(0x10, USBlini.CHECKSUM_MODE_LIN2, [])
print(data) # print out response

Simple graphic interface "USBliniGUI" (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Based on the python library there is a simple graphic application: USBliniGUI.

How-to use USBlini with Python on Windows 10 and run

Logic analyzing with PulseView (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

USBlini with Pulseview
With the logic recording function (USBliniGUI -> Logic), the logic level on the LIN RX line can be captured and then analyzed with PulseView.

How-to analyse USBliniGUI recordings with PulseView


Source code and HEX file

The firmware of USBlini is available as precompiled HEX file and as C (XC8 compiler) source code.

Precompiled HEX and source code archive: (2022-11-08) Increased receive timeout (intrabyte: 16 tbit, response: 50 tbit) (2021-12-28) First public version

Firmware update via bootloader

Start the bootloader via software (e.g. Use a bootloader application (en MPHidFlash) to load the new firmware into USBlini:
mphidflash -w USBlini_firmware_v1.01.hex -r


Schematic - USBlini's circuit diagram

USBlini Schematic

Partlist - Build your own USBlini!

Here you find a list of all parts needed to build your own USBlini board.

C2, C3, C4220n / 50V
C51u / 50V
C6220p / 100V
R1, R2, R31k
X22pol 2.54mm


Linux: "LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS" as non-root

Add udev rule to give permissions to all users.
sudo bash -c $'echo \'SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{product}=="USBlini", MODE="0666"\' > /etc/udev/rules.d/50-USBlini.rules'
sudo udevadm control --reload-rules
Please tell me about your USBlini project!

USBlini talks to 8W1919616
   Retrieve status from LIN slave 8W1919616 (Audi A4 audio control panel).

Example Python script:

by Thomas Fischl (06/2022)
   Set voltage of alternator (controlled by TLE8880) and monitor temperature and battery voltage.

Python script:

by Lucas K. (12/2022)
BMW Ambient Light+ retrofit kit
   Digital BMWay uses USBlini as a development tool for the BMW Ambient Light+ retrofit kit.

by Digital BMWay (02/2023)
Thetford N4000
   Read parameter from refrigerator Thetford N4000 series via CI-bus: supply type and voltages are interpreted.
Unfortunately, it is not yet known how the temperature can be read - you know? Please contact us!

Github project: CI-Bus interface for Thetford N4000 refrigerator

by Jörg W. (07/2023)

Other LIN interface projects/products

en PLIN-USB by PEAK-System
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