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USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers

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USBasp is a USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers. It simply consists of an ATMega88 or an ATMega8 and a couple of passive components. The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver, no special USB controller is needed.



Firmware and circuit

The following packages include circuit and firmware.
usbasp.2011-05-28.tar.gz (519 kB) TPI support, supports programmers with ATMega88 and ATMega8.
usbasp.2009-02-28.tar.gz (260 kB)
usbasp.2007-10-23.tar.gz (172 kB)
usbasp.2007-07-23.tar.gz (176 kB)
usbasp.2006-12-29.tar.gz (118 kB) Supports programmers with ATMega48 and ATMega8.
usbasp.2006-09-16.tar.gz (116 kB) New VID/PID!
usbasp.2005-11-14.tar.gz (175 kB)
usbasp.2005-07-03.tar.gz (166 kB)
usbasp.2005-04-21.tar.gz (169 kB)

Please refer to Readme.txt for details on building, installing and using USBasp.


On Linux and MacOS X no kernel driver is needed. Windows requires a driver for USBasp. Please use this driver installation tool for Windows (see also: en successful setup on Windows 10):
en Zadig - USB driver installation made easy




USBasp schematic


PartnumberValueReichelt No
C14,7uRAD 4,7/35
C2100nX7R-5 100N
C3, C422pKERKO 22P
D1, D23V6 zenerZF 3,6
CON210polWSL 10W
IC1ATmega8-16ATMEGA 8-16 (not programmed!)
JP1, JP22pol 2,54mmSL 1X36G 2,54
LED13mm LED greenLED 3MM 2MA GN
R1, R2681/4W 68
R32,2k1/4W 2,2k
R4, R5, R6, R72701/4W 270
R810k1/4W 10k
R9, R101k1/4W 1k
M1, M2JumperJUMPER 2,54GL SW
M3Socket 28SGS 28-S
M4CaseTEKO 10007
Here is a list of tested PCB layouts. If you have designed your own PCB, please let me know.

USBasp: single-side PCB
by Thomas Fischl
Single-Side PCB, TARGET 3001! layout file
Size: 90x40 mm (optimized for case Hammond 1591ATBU)
by Pawel Szramowski (11/2007)
With Low-voltage front-end.
Single-Side PCB, EAGLE layout files, some SMD components
Bernhard Walle
   by Bernhard Walle
Double-Side PCB, EAGLE layout files, part list with order numbers for Reichelt.de and Conrad.de
Size: optimized for case Hammond 1591ATBU
Thomas Pfeifer
by Thomas Pfeifer
Single-Side PCB, PDF layout files, SMD components
Tomasz Ostrowski
   by Tomasz Ostrowski
Single-Side PCB, PDF and EPS layout files, only four 0805 SMD parts, rest discrete components
USBasp by Christian Heigemeyr
by Christian Heigemeyr
Single-Side PCB, with some SMD 0805 components, PDF-files
With additional buttons for reset and disconnection of the target
Zhurov Pavel
   USBasp.sch, USBasp.pcb
ComponentSide.pdf, TopSide.pdf, Schematics.pdf
by Zhurov Pavel
Single-Side PCB, P-CAD 2002 format and PDF files
Crosspiece TXD and RXD are added for the ISP connector
J.A. de Groot
by J.A. de Groot
The board is single sided (EAGLE format), measures 3 by 8 cm and uses only regular components.
Matthias Goerner
by Matthias Görner
Single-Side PCB, eagle-format, with PS/PDF-files
integrated sockets for target chips ATmega8 and ATmega32
USBasp by Hannes Östlund
   Tarball with layout
by Hannes Östlund
Doubleside-Side PCB, SMD components, very small
USBasp by Sergiy Bogdancev
   by Sergiy Bogdancev (01/2010)
3.3V version, ATMega48 only. Single-side PCB, ExpressPCB layout format + socket board for varies AVRs. Without future serial interface, chip initially must be programmed with another programmer.
USBasp by Hans Hafner
   Eaglefiles (sch/brd) and CAD case design (dxf)
by Hans Hafner, HTL Mössingerstrasse-Klagenfurt, Österreich, hans.hafner (at) htl-klu (dot) at
CNC-milled case (DXF file available), Eagle layout, only a few SMD parts
USBasp by Sven Hedin
USBasp by Sven Hedin
   Different USBasp versions: Easy to built non-smd, smd version and a very small USBasp
by Sven Hedin (01/2011)
Eagle files available.
USBasp by Fabio Baltieri
   USB Key AVR Programmer
by Fabio Baltieri (09/2011)
Very small USB key like dimensions. SMD parts.
USBasp by Jaroslav Vadel
   AVR ISP Programmer
by Jaroslav Vadel (04/2012)
Small programmer. SMD parts.
USBasp by Marius Schäfer
   Target project and PDFs (layout/schematics)
by Marius Schäfer (09/2013)
   tinyUSBboard with USBasp-compatible firmware
by Stephan Bärwolf (04/2014)
USBasp by Fabian Hummel with with shield
   USBasp on breadboard with socket for controller daughter boards.
by Fabian Hummel (11/2018)
USBasp by Tjaart van Aswegen
   Tjaart van Aswegen designed an SMD board: DIP TRACE and GERBER files.
by Tjaart van Aswegen (09/2019)
USBasp by Brian Pepin
   Feature rich (e.g. different voltage levels, integrated USB to serial converter, USB-C connector) USBasp compatible design. AVR Programmer Github project.
by Brian Pepin (12/2019)
USBasp by Marty E.
   USBasp board with additional 6pin header and selectable target supply (3.3V/off/5.0V).
by Marty E. (10/2020)
USBasp by John P.
   John included a 40 pin universal socket which takes 8, 14, 20 and 28 pin devices. He also added a versatile crystal oscillator with outputs of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 Mhz to clock the chips. There is also the standard 6pin ICSP connector and a user led connected to the MOSI pin.
by John P. (11/2020)
USBasp by Qetesh
   QUSBASP features a small size and flexibility (different connection options: USB-A or pin header, ICSP with 6 or 10 or pogo pins).
by Qetesh (07/2021)
USBasp by littleliu
   Open hardware USBasp with USB-C with 6 and 10 pin ICSP header.
by littleliu (10/2021)
USBasp by yellobyte
   USBasp with nice enclosure, buttons for slow SCK and target power and option for small 6-pin 1.27mm target connector.
by Thomas J. (01/2022)
USBasp by makeriot2020
   Makeriot2020's version of USBasp adds logic level conversion and 3.3v regulator to allow programming of 3.3v targets.
by Makeriot2020 (03/2022)
USBasp by ioelectro
   USBasp with ZIF socket and through hole components.
by IOElectro (08/2022)
USBasp by Poly Electronics
   USBasp with ZIF socket and through hole components: KiCad 6 project.
by Poly Electronics (09/2022)
USBasp by Marvin B.
   On Marvin's board, all parts are DIP, just SMD for the fuse and the voltage regulator. Jumper for voltage: 5V or 3.3V.
Gerber files: usbasp_marvin_b_v1.1_gerber.zip
by Marvin B. (04/2023)


en http://www.obdev.at/products/avrusb/ Firmware-only AVR USB driver
en http://libusb.sourceforge.net/ libusb
en http://libusb-win32.sourceforge.net/ LibUsb-Win32
en http://www.nongnu.org/avrdude/ AVRDUDE - AVR Downloader/UploaDEr