CANFlasherUTNL - Flash tool for NXP LPC11C22/LPC11C24 devices

Screenshot CANFlasherUTNL CANFlasherUTNL is a flash utility for NXP LPC11C22 and LPC11C24 devices. It writes HEX files via the built-in CANOpen bootloader to the target flash through an USBtin (USB-to-CAN interface).

CANFlasherUTNL is open source (GPL), written in Java and runs on several platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS). Depending on operating system, double-click the downloaded JAR file or run it from command line with "java -jar CANFlasherUTNL_v1.0.jar".
Requirement: Java JRE>=1.6

CANFlasherUTNL_v1.1.jar (2017-06-23)

The CAN bootloader is factory pre-programmed by NXP. It implements parts of the CANOpen protocol (Service Data Object, SDO). An USB-to-CAN interface (e.g. USBtin) can be used to load firmware code into the microcontroller flash memory - no additional programming interface is needed.

Steps to upload a HEX file to the microcontroller:
  1. Plug in USBtin (USB-to-CAN interface)
  2. Start CANFlasherUTNL, select port and HEX file name
  3. Power up LPC with mode pins set for CAN bootloading
  4. Press "Upload" to start firmware upload

Circuit for CAN bootloading

The LPC11C2x devices integrate CAN transceiver. No external components are required to connect the microcontroller to the CAN bus. The boot mode can be selected on pins PIO0_1 (low = enable bootloader) and PIO0_3 (low = use CAN bootloader). Following circuit diagram shows a minimal configuration using the LPC11C22 or LPC11C24 for CAN bootloading. MCP1700 regulates the 5V supply voltage down to 3,3V for the micocontroller core.

LPC11C22, LPC11C24 minimal circuit for CAN bootloading
en NXP LPC11C22
en NXP LPC11C24