SLLogicLogger - A simple logic analyser for TI Stellaris Launchpad

TI provides with the Stellaris Launchpad a cheap ARM development board. This page describes how to use it as a simple logic analyser. The idea comes from this project: Using STM32F4 as a logic analyser.



SLLogicLogger supports the en SUMP protocol over UART. The UART is mapped through the debug/flash controller on the Stellaris Launchpad to a virtual com port. It samples signals on PORTB with 10 Mhz into a buffer with 16kByte RAM. Sampling starts at any change on PORTB[0..7]. PB0 and PB1 are limited to 3.6 V! All other pins of PORTB are 5 V tolerant.


The only hardware component you need is the Stellaris Launchpad, no other hardware is necessary.


A multiplatform client which supports the SUMP protocol is en LogicSniffer OLS. To install device support for OLS, copy the file ols.profile-SLLogicLogger (included in the download package) into the ols/plugins folder and restart OLS.

LogicSniffer with SLLogicLogger


Firmware, binary file and OLS-Profile:
sllogiclogger.2014-02-08.tar.gz (Updated OLS configuration file)


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en SUMP protocol
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